Label printing machine

Project Flow — How We Roll

  • Client Provides art files and quantities for Estimate/Quote
  • CRUSH Provides Estimate and New Client Set-Up Forms to client
  • Client Order Labels, please provide case counts (In most cases, We suggest using multiplying your case count by 13.5 Better to have too many than too few.
  • Client/Designer supplies Digital Files and hard copy printouts/color targets
  • CRUSH Reviews files for basic TTB guidelines and preps files for printing (adding traps, bleeds, gaps, choke backs, etc)
  • A PDF proof created and e-mailed to client
  • CRUSH Quote is confirmed–Signed Sales Agreement is Required back from Client, Payment Terms are Established
  • If Additional changes are needed, proofs will be revised and re-sent to client
  • Once proof is approved by client for layout and copy, JPEGs are created and E-mailed to Client for Submission to TTB (This step is omitted if TTB approval has been obtained by client prior to step one
  • Once Client has TTB approval and has provided us with final sign-off’s, files are prepared for production and tooling is ordered (foil dies, emboss plates, cutting dies, screens plates, printing plates)
  • CRUSH prepares files for press and schedule a press date.
  • Client/Designer is called in for Press Check or CRUSH will manage press check internally if client is unavailable. Client LOVES labels and jumps with joy!
  • All Wine Labels are tested and pass “industry standard” scuff protection testing as well as UPC bar code scanning test
  • Labels are wound and rolled according to clients supplied specs (unwind specs and roll size). Labels go thru final QC and Inspection. Labels are shipped to client.