Label printing machine

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Flexographic Label Printing

Flexographic printing is a method of rotary printing that employs quick drying inks and flexible raised relief image plates. These plates wrap around a cylinder which rolls over ink and lays the graphic onto the label material. The label material moves through the press very quickly resulting in high speed, economical, label production.

Digital Label Printing

Digital presses reproduce multiple images, one after another, without time and money consuming change-overs and production stoppages. Vintages can be combined to gain the economies of one long run. Custom printing solutions are available to consecutively number labels, driving up scarcity of brands and increasing profits.

Offset Printing

Offset printing is the most exacting printing process known to exist for high volume reproduction. Because it can draw from a greater color space than traditional printers, you can be assured of getting the exact color and extremely crisp detail.

Direct Screen Printing

Direct Screen Printing is a surprisingly cost effective option for small to medium sized wineries looking to differentiate their brand identity in the marketplace. CRUSH supplies the wine industry with multiple product offerings for bottle decorating…hand etching/painting and screen-printing directly on glass. Both processes/printing techniques offer a unique and visually unforgettable option for small quantities /boutique wineries, vintage bottlings, commemorative vintages, special varietals, wine auctions, corporate gifts, or special occasions.

Bottle Etching

Our Bottle Etching services include layered etching, hand painting, wax dipping, and special packaging.

Lipstick and Lace

We offer a full range of embellshments to wine labels including embossing, foiling, UV varnishes, etc. Basically, if it can be done… we can do it.