What is “label unwind direction” and why is it important?

Unwind Chart

The unwind direction is simply the way in which a label unwinds from a roll. This is most easily explained by looking at the unwind chart attached. Now, why is it important? Most labeling machines will only be able to work with one specific unwind direction so having labels wound in the wrong feed direction/and or roll size will cause production delays and DOWN TIME (and we don’t mean the “kicking back in a hammock with a cold beer kind of down time) – we are referring to an industry standard “hourly rate” that is billed by mobile bottlers/labeling facilities when they are unable to proceed with production due to various packaging elements being supplied improperly. If you are applying your labels by machine, or having a contract manufacturer apply the labels please contact them for the correct unwind direction and roll size prior to placing order. Finally, if you change bottling/labeling locations you will need provide us with the updated specs as this information is variable from facility to facility.

While most mobile bottlers can accommodate many variables during the labeling and bottling process, one thing they can’t accommodate is the undwind direction being wrong for their equipment. It is critical to know who will be bottling and labeling your wine, and check with them to find out the correct unwind direction.

The chart above shows the range of options for label configuration. In addition to right-side-up, or upside-down, over or under, left or right, you’ll also need to know if your labels should be on one roll or should the front and back be on separate rolls. You will definately want to check with your labeler on the details.

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