What we Do — What It’s Called

Flexographic Printing

Offers Excellent print results for a fraction of the cost of offset printing. The flexo world has come a long way baby…and we are at the forefront of technology! We can proudly say that the hi-end flexographic printing presses we employ produce award winning labels that can go “toe to toe” with nearly any offset quality label (depending on the design and paper stock chosen)  Flexo is an excellent choice for mid to large sized print runs.

Digital Printing

Digital presses reproduce multiple images, one after another, without time and money consuming change-overs and production stoppages. Vintages can be combined to gain the economies of one long run. Custom printing solutions are available to consecutively number labels, driving up scarcity of brands and increasing profits.

Waterless Offset Printing

A very small portion of the labels we print are still being produced by way of waterless offset printing due in large part to the recent advances in the flexographic printing world. While it’s true that offset printing provides vibrant saturated colors and nearly flawless detail when printing photographs and gradations on uncoated/textured face stocks the printing process itself is quite expensive and can be price prohibitive.  Waterless Offset Printing is generally recommended when price point/budget isn’t of primary concern or the design/printing specs  are very tight and  fall into a very unique set of requirements.  Off-set is recommended for short to mid size print runs.

Direct Screen Printing

Direct Screen Printing is a surprisingly cost effective option for small to medium sized wineries looking to differentiate their brand identity in the marketplace. CRUSH supplies the wine industry with multiple product offerings for bottle decorating…hand etching/painting and screen-printing directly on glass. Both processes/printing techniques offer a unique and visually unforgettable option for small quantities /boutique wineries, vintage bottlings, commemorative vintages, special varietals, wine auctions, corporate gifts, or special occasions.


Foil stamping allows the application of metallic or other types of foils to a label’s surface. Foils come in a great variety of colors and visual textures. They deliver a richness unattainable through traditional inks. Many varieties of metallic, colors, and even clear foils are available.


Embossing raises a portion of the label by stretching the paper. This effect brings three-dimensions to the artwork. Embosses can vary in height and complexity from raised flat to raised rounded to multi-leveled sculpted embosses. A deboss creates the opposite effect.

Cutting Die

A rotating metal cylinder that is formed in the shape of your finished label. As the paper works it way through press, gather ink and image, it exits the press after having been stamped by the cutting die, thus producing your final label.

Spot UV

UV stands for ultra violet ink. It is a thick clear ink that can add depth, shine and sparkle to a label. Similar to a traditional varnish, UV can sit up high on the sheet and create dimension, or lay flat and just add a subtle flash of light. It’s a great and versatile final embellishment.