Art Department Requirements

In order for projects to go smoothly, we’ve put together this list of technical details and requirements that helps things flow as smoothly as possible.

Accepted File Types

Our art department can work with lots of different file types, but we prefer to work with the follow software programs:
• Illustrator CS3 or Later for the main label art document
• Adobe Acrobat PDF files for proofing
• Photoshop tif, jpg, eps or psd files for linked art images.


Not having all the fonts for a job can bring the project to a halt. Here are some things that will help the project move smoothly:
• Make sure to include all native fonts when submitting your project.
• Include a version of the file that has all the fonts converted to outlines.

Color Call Outs

To ensure we meet your vision for your label, it’s important that we know what your color targets are. Regardless of how your label will print, provide the following:
• Pantone color call outs when trying to match a color.
• A printed sample of the color you are trying to match, if no Pantone match exists.
• Identify where and what you would like embossed or foiled.

Paper Preference

The final piece of the puzzle is choosing the right paper. There are many variables to consider when choosing a paper stock. Let’s meet and figure out the best way to proceed. In the meantime, we’ve given you several points to consider:
• Coated or Uncoated?
• Textured or Smooth?
• Does it need to be wet strength?
• Do you have any other special considerations?

File Upload

Once you have your files gathered and are ready to transfer files to us, you can do so using an FTP client such as Flow or Fetch. Please contact one of our customer service representatives to obtain a username and password for our FTP space.