Custom is the new black!

So you want a custom capsule but don’t know where to turn? Bingo! Here we are! We have the know how and the connections to get them done. You do need to be aware of a couple of things:

• Custom screwcaps have a large minimum order – usually 30,000 caps

• There is a long lead time – around 16 weeks

• Color matching is an art, not a science.

All this is to say that while they can be done beautifully, it must fit your overall plan. You must be producing 2500 cases for it make sense, and you must plan ahead.

The issue of color matching and art quality is another factor that needs solid attention. First, you should work with a good designer. Second, be prepared for a little back and forth until you get colors and details dialed in. Printing on metal is different than printing on paper, and is a little less predictable. But with planning, patience and attention to detail, we can make beautiful capsules together.