Screwcaps & Closures

Screwcap photosYou’ve worked with CRUSH Creative Packaging to insure that your label stands out and, quite frankly, is the coolest in the tasting room and on the shelf at the grocery store. Why not work with CRUSH to complete your wine package? Screwcap closures will give your package the finished look it deserves while virtually elimnating leakage and “corked” or tainted wine. Not to mention the ease of opening and reclosing!


  • Convenience – Opening, Closing and Storage
  • Unsurpassed preservation performance
  • Appealing long skirt seal
  • Universal Fit to Screw Cap finish Glass (30mm X 60mm)
  • Decorating options:
  • Four color litho top print
  • Four color offset side print
  • Inquire for the newest decoration capabilities
  • Liner Options:
  • Punch-in foam disk (Saranex or Tin)

Stock colors and custom colors are available.


Sorry, CRUSH is not in the capsule business. But we can point you in the right direction!

  • Ramondin
  • Watzke – Their page is entirely in German, but they translate quite well, so send them an email.