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Label Name

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Label Size

Label may need to be different sizes to fit both your Claret and Burgundy bottle label panels. (Specify in inches and be sure to list height first, then width.)

Front (H x W)
Back (H x W)
Front (H x W)
Back (H x W)

Bottle Shape

 Straight Tapered Burgundy Claret

Paper Selection

Paper preference

Foil and/or Emboss

Special feature(s)
 Foil Emboss Spot UV

Color Match

Match color to
 Color Print Capsule Pantone Colors Previous Printing

Roll Size

Please check with your bottling company for their requirements.

Maximum roll width
 8 inches 11 inches 13 inches 15 inches Other
Unwind direction
 Outside right Outside left Inside right Inside left
 Front & back labels alternate on same roll Front & back labels on separate rolls


For each label, list the quantity, vintage and varietal.
Bottling date
Requested delivery date

Checklist for Placing Order

 TTB approval certificate Alcohol % verified UPC code verified Digital files